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TVET Courses

We offer SKM and Diploma to all SPM leavers to fulfill industrial demands in line with development in technology and global mobility of the workforce.

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Industrial Automation Engineering Systems Assembly (MC-091-3:2016)

This program focuses on the complementary integration of the engineering concepts of Engineering Drawing, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Fabrication, System Sensor, Motor AC & DC, Industrial Automation (PLC), ICT, Electrical, Electronic, Hydraulic, and Pneumatic Systems.

 Next Intake: September 2023 

Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia
(SKM Level 3)

Entry Requirements


Graduated PT3 / SPM 


Age 16 - 25

1 Year 6 Months

Full Time Physical

Career Prospect


PLC Programmer


Manufacturing Technician


Automation Maintenance


System Assistant

Course Modules

Level 2

CU01 - Industrial Automation Engineering Drawing

CU02 - Industrial Automation Fundamental Control Programming

CU03 - Industrial Automation Fabrication

CU04 - Industrial Automation Sub - Assembly

CU05 - Industrial Automation Systems Servicing

Level 3

CU01 - Industrial Automation CAD Assembly Drawing

CU02 - Industrial Automation Mechanical System Assembling

CU03 - Industrial Automation Electrical/Electronic System Assembling

CU04 - Industrial Automation Mechanical System Calibration

CU05 - Industrial Automation Systems Maintenance

CU06 - Industrial Automation Control System Programming

CU07 - Industrial Automation Engineering Systems Support Supervision

Next Intake: Closed

Diploma Kemahiran Malaysia (DKM)

Industrial Automation Engineering Systems Support (MC-091-4:2016)

This program is an extension of SKM level 2 & 3 with a wide variety of complex technical or professional work tasks in a variety of settings with a high level of personal responsibility and autonomy.

Entry Requirements


Completion of SKM Level 3


Age 17 & Above

1 Year 6 Months (3 months internship)

Full Time Physical

Career Prospect




Assistant Engineer


Technical Skills Engineer


Vocational Training Officer

Course Modules

Level 4

CU01 - Industrial Automation Systems Design

CU02 - Industrial Automation Systems Integration

CU03 - Industrial Automation Systems Installation & Commissioning

CU04 - Industrial Automation Systems Maintenance Coordination

CU05 - Industrial Automation Project Coordination

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